ISO-RAD's staff is experienced in creating, auditing and managing Radiation Safety Programs (RSPs). Our Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) have more than 100 years of combined industry knowledge. 

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

Radioactive Materials (RAM) License Applications

  • License applications and amendments
  • Operating and Emergency (O & E) Procedures
  • Audits of existing and new licenses

Extensive expertise with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) RAM License applications for industrial radiography, distribution and manufacturing.

Radiation Safety Programs (RSPs)

  • Program documentation
  • Audit of existing or new RSP, consistent with 10 CFR Part 37 requirements

Let us provide detailed instructions for all aspects of your RSP - we can give you a template that you can complete yourself, or we can write full instructions for you, based on your direct input.

USDOT 49 CFR Part 172.802 Security Plan and 49 CFR 172.204 Job Specific Training

  • Security Plan development
  • Training Program development
  • Audit of existing or new plan

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) requires the Security Plan and Job Specific Training for all personnel involved with transportation of hazardous materials, including radioactive materials (RAM).

Sealed Source and Device (SS&D) Applications

  • Complete SS&D applications
  • Development and documentation of testing procedures
  • Audit existing application, test plan and test results

Training Programs

  • Training Program preparation
  • Audit existing or new training procedures and manuals

Product Development

  • RAM product design
  • Technical drawings
  • Product review and analysis
  • Product testing

Radioactive Materials License QA Program Development

  • Audit existing or new QA Programs for compliance with USNRC CFR Part 71 QA Program requirements

If the services you require are not listed above, please contact us - we'll let you know if we can help you. If not, we'll put you in touch with someone who can.

ISO-RAD will provide a formal estimated quote before we begin any project.



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